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Die Donauschwabische Stiftung der USA, Inc.
A short History of the Danube Swabians.
A Variation of the Arrival of the Danube Swabians in the Banat, painting by Stefan Jaeger
The Danube Swabians are German colonists who were invited by
Austrian-Hungarian Emperors to settle and repopulate the land after the
Ottoman Empire was defeated by allied forces led by
Prince Eugene of
. There were three Great Swabian Migrations.   These settlers were
German-Hungarians at first.    After World War I, when the area was
divided between Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia, the German population
became known as
Danube Swabians. This name was derived from the  
Danube river, where they lived now and Swabia, a province in Germany,
where many of the settlers came from, originally.   Others came from all over
Europe, even Italy and France. Most of them lived in all German towns. They
were hard  workers who did what was asked of them. They stabilized the area,
prospered and supported the various governments, but were envied by the
other nationalities. Many of them came to the United States before and after
World War I and then World War II. Just like in the Old Country, they
prospered here, too.  Most of them came in the early 1950's, served in the
Armed Forces and became good and loyal citizens of the USA.
Partial Map of Europe (showing original and settlement areas)
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