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The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.
Die Donauschwaebische Stiftung der USA, Inc
The award is sponsored by the Danube Swabian Foundation of the USA together with the Abt Family in
memory of Maria Abt.
Maria was one of the original members of the Danube Swabian family in the United States of America.
She was active in the Milwaukee Donauschwaben group, the friendliest helper when needed and she first led
the Youth group and then the Frauengruppe for many, many years.   She organized the Danube Swabian cultural
exhibits at Holiday Folk Fair and Germanfest.   Maria was also the Landesverbandfrauengruppeleiterin.
The contest is open to all active USA and Canada youth group members
The essay should be 500 words or less, in English or German
Entries must be received by Augu
st 15 - send to:  kabt93@gmail.com
Winners will be announced at the Landesverbandtreffen in Cincinnati, OH.
Any questions please contact Katy Abt kabt93@gmail.com
3 prizes are offererd:        1st place .......... $ 500.00
                                       2nd place .......  $ 300.00
                                       3rd place .......  $ 200.00

This year's (2020) contest was:
How did you/are you applying the lessons from the experiences
of the Donauschwaben to the COVID-19 pandemic?
Year 1 (2014) results
Maria Abt, nee Hoffmann, was born in Keschinci, Croatia.   She was a surviver of the
Ethnic German Genocide in the former Jugoslavia.   She married Johann (Hans) Abt
in Lager Haid in Austria.   They immigrated to the USA in 1955, settled in Milwaukee
and raised six children.   They were both active with the Milwaukee Donauschwaben,
the Landesverband and the Danube Swabian Foundation of the USA.
Year 2 (2015) results
Year 3 (2016) results
Year 4 (2017) results
Year 5 (2018) results
Year 6 (2019) results
Year 7 (2020) results