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The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.
Die Donauschwaebische Stiftung der USA, Inc
October 2018

Liebe Landsleut,

The time for our annual plea for contributions has arrived. Passing on our heritage does not come without cost. Our
foundation’s annual budget is spent primarily on youth activities: youth dance groups, German schools, and bands.
Frankly, foundation checks provide only a fraction of the financial support needed to run our youth programs. The
home clubs provide the lion’s share of support.  

We have just completed our annual gathering in Kitchener and the support from our young “Schwobs” was tremendous.
I’m beginning to notice that “Einwanderungsgeneration” members are becoming less and less at these events. Planning a
smooth transition from one generation to the next is crucial to our clubs surviving for the long term. Don’t forget why
our clubs were established! We must focus on our language, tradition, and culture. Anyone can run a party center, but
not everyone can pass on the values we received from our ancestors.

The fourth Welttreffen is scheduled for 2019 in Hungary and Romania. Solicitation for participants began a few months
back and the initial response was astounding. Almost 100 applicants from around the world have responded to apply for
60 openings. What a wonderful statement that makes about interest in preserving our culture! The foundation has plans
to support this endeavor. Our Jugendlager program also continues to operate successfully. St. Louis hosted this gathering
in 2018 and many young people from around the US and Canada were able to attend thanks to foundation support.

In closing, I ask every Schwob who reads this letter to reach into their pocket and make an annual donation of fifty
dollars or more.

Danke  und Frohe Weihnachten!

Robert F. Filippi
President, Landesverband der Donauschwaben
Chairman, Danube Swabian Foundation

Please send donations to:

Danube Swabian Foundation, USA
 c/o William Kolbow, Treasurer      14678 Willamette Ave., Chino, Ca. 91710
  Donations are fully tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations
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